Virtual Cocktails Masterclass On-Line Via Zoom

With our virtual mixology classes streamed online via Zoom all over US, Hire A Cocktail Maker offers you the opportunity to learn how to shake cocktails from the comfort of your own location. We offer a variety of premium class packages to suit every budget and have delivered classes for thousands of people in 2020.

Booking Process - First decide if you want to join a public class or, set up a private class of your own. Take your pick from our range of different class varieties to tailor your online cocktail making experience to best suit your tastes.

The tools -  All the equipment required will be delivered straight to your door a few days prior.

Let's do this - Your mixologist will send out a Zoom meeting invitation, once everybody has logged in, we will kick off the masterclass.

Learn to make non-alcoholic drinks

Please note, non-alcoholic options are available for each drinks from the menu. Nobody gets left out...

virtual mixology class

Hire A Cocktail Maker NYC

Hire A Cocktail Maker is a NYC based events company specialising in hands-on or virtual mixology events and bartender hire.

virtual mixology classes NYC

While Hire A Cocktail Maker remains unable to offer its usual hands on mixology classes at our venues in Manhattan, you can still book online for a virtual one.

Following a nearly identical structure to its physical ones, your trainer will share tips and teach you techniques leading you in concocting your own drinks! Each Virtual Mixology Class is finished with a cocktail making competition among all of the attendees.

The classes includes all the professional cocktail making tool required delivered directly to your door.

Learn to make cocktails for fun online!


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Virtual mixology events are a great way to connect with your team or friends in a fun but safe environment!
For all event quotes or any queries or questions you may have about, please get in touch through our bookings form. Book early to guarantee your place, a deposit will be charged to secure the date. Final balance must be paid in full on the day of event.

    Our Skilled Event managers can provide you with the best advice so that you can achieve you can plan the perfect cocktail party!